Backup iPhone 4S Contacts

iPhone is a line of Smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc.  It runs Apple’s IOS mobile Operating System. Apple iPhones store gigabytes (GB) of data, including music, photos, contacts, mail, notes and calendars. Now a day’s people can make use of iPhone in every aspect of their life, such as entertainment, to keep in touch with loved ones, find the way with a built-in GPS app and many other things. One can also utilize the iPhone as a business tool. One of the most observed and common situation where you may lose your contact from iPhone is deletion of contact while transferring them in to another storage device. iPhone is armed with advanced features, one of them is touch screen operation.

If you want to delete a useless contact from your iPhone and by mistake your finger touches delete all option instead of delete one by one option then all your contacts gets deleted in just a matter of seconds. It’s easy to re-download apps and adjust settings, but it can be very difficult to rebuild a large contact list of names, email address, and phone numbers if you lose it. For that reason you may want to be sure that the address book is being backed up so that all your contacts are preserved in case you need to restore them, here is how to do this. Speaking of iPhone backup, the first thing comes to our mind is iTunes and iCloud which are the things most people used to backup iPhone.

Follow these steps to Backup iPhone 4S Contacts:

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  • Tap iCloud.
  • If promoted, sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Tap Contacts to switch the slier ON.
  • If promoted, select to Merge contacts with iCloud.

You can even import the iPhone 4S contacts to your Gmail account. Login to Gmail and you will find “Gmail” menu at the top left of the account. Click on it to get “Contacts” option. Then Click on “More” menu and click on “Import” option. You need to choose your vCard from the computer to upload the file and your contacts will be imported. You can also backup iPhone contacts using iTunes and other Apps to backup iPhone 4S Contacts. As it is cumbersome to do backup contacts using manual steps, the best way is to use Remo MORE Software, which is the best App to backup iPhone 4S contacts.

Remo MORE Software helps you backup iPhone 4S Contacts easily without missing a single one. It can be used to manage your contacts easily. You can edit or delete backed up contacts. You can use this App not only on iPhone 4S but also on other versions of iPhones. This tool can even be used for iPhone 4s backing up contacts on other iOS devices like Mac OS X computers and ipads. This software can even manage compression of files, locking files and folders on iOS and so on. With the help of this software you can recover data, optimize system and enhance performance of iOS using this app. make it fast! Do not give a second thought and get it now. There is a technical team for your guidance. Hence, it is the best software available for iPhone 4s contacts backup.

Steps to Backup iPhone 4S Contacts:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. Tap to “Manage” option to get the screen as shown in the Fig 1. And then, tap on “Contacts Backup” option for iPhone 4S Contacts Backup.

Compress Windows XP File - Main Screen

Step 2: From the next screen, you will get the information of number of Contacts present on your phone. Select “Backup” option from the screen as shown in Fig 2.

Compress Windows XP File - Select Compress & Burn

Step 3: The next screen appears as shown in the Fig 3 with a pop up message saying that the backup has been completed.

Compress Windows XP File - Select Zip





Remo MORE boxshot

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