Tool to Fix Broken AVI File Index

“Hi, I have difficulty in playing an AVI movie file on my computer media players. Whenever I try to play that file on VLC media player, it shows an error saying that AVI file index got damaged and it is recommended to fix that file before it. The media player itself starts repairing. But it will terminate abruptly before completion. I tried to play that file on KM player also. But I got a similar result as that of the former. This broken AVI file index problem is new to me and I don’t know any way to overcome this situation. Can anybody tell me how to fix broken AVI file index with the help of any utilities?”

A lot of users have raised similar complaints regarding damaged or broken AVI file index. If you have encountered these kinds of errors, you have to go for fixing broken AVI file index for making that files playable in any media player. Even though, many media players have in-built mechanisms to rebuild AVI file index, it doesn’t provides a permanent solution. This problem can re-appear in later time. So, in order to get a persistent solution for this problem, you have to make use of a powerful AVI repair tool like Fixed Damaged utility. But it is a good approach to know the principal reasons behind damage of AVI index, before using this tool.       

  • Index of AVI files may get damaged while downloading from a network location. CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error is one of the foremost reasons behind download interruptions. 
  • Damage of AVI file index can happen if you try to play an AVI file on unsupported applications. Attempt to convert AVI file to another format using improper techniques is another possible reason for AVI index corruption.
  • Recovering deleted AVI files using unreliable recovery tools is one of the main reasons behind AVI index damage. You have to fix broken AVI file index for ensuring proper playback of that file.
  • An AVI file may get corrupt if you improperly terminate the video player while playing that file on it. Whenever, you try to re-open the same file using media player, it may throw AVI index error.

Anyhow, you can fix AVI index issue which comes as an outcome of any of the above mentioned reasons with the help of Fixed Damaged Utility. This tool can be installed on various Windows and Mac operating system platforms. To install this tool on Mac computers, the system should be 64 bit. For Windows, both 32 and 64 systems are supported for the installation of this tool.  

Salient Features of Fix Damaged Tool

  • You can repair AVI files as well as Xvid and DivX files within a few simple steps.
  • This tool previews the contents of fixed AVI files in the preview browser before saving that file into a secure location. This preview browser gives details of repaired file including tracks, frame rate, codec, size as well as a thumbnail preview of repaired file.
  • You can fix broken AVI file index with the help of this tool starting from separating audio and video streams of that AVI file. After that, this tool will repairs each streams and later adjoins to a healthy file.
  • This tool doesn’t make any changes to the original AVI file. Instead, it extracts content from the original file and repairs it. Finally, a new AVI is created with the repaired content.
  • If you want in help to fix damaged AVI file index with the help of this tool, you can contact technical support either through live chatting or by submitting support tickets.
  • Anyone can fix Xvid video files with the help of this tool, which do not play in any media player.


Steps to Fix AVI File Index

Step 1: Download and install this tool on your computer and launch the software, select AVI file having index issue using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button as shown in Figure 1.

Fix Broken AVI File Index - Home Screen

Figure 1. Home Screen

Step 2: After a successful scanning, you can preview content of the repaired preview files using "Preview Browswer" as shown in Figure 2.

Rebuild AVI File Index - Preview Browser

Figure 2. Preview Browser

Step 3: Now save the fixed AVI file using “Save” option on any desired location as shown in Figure 3.

Fixing Broken AVI File Index- Save File

Figure  3. Save File



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