Compress Windows XP Files

Compressing files of large size is a good idea when the users want to make space on the storage device. Other very common reason for file compression is to send the files through email. As all emailing clients have a limit for sending files, therefore to match that size the files can be compressed. Also files that are compressed are considered to be safer than files with other formats.

Although compressing files is preferred but there is one thing that should be kept in mind. Always make use of a good compression tool otherwise you might face corruption issues and the files will become inaccessible. The best tool available in the market is Remo MORE software. This tool offers the easiest and safest way to compress files on your Windows XP. Don’t worry if have any other version of Windows Operating System, as this tool is compatible with all of them.

Why people want to compress their files?

  • To reduce their size and match the storage capacity
  • For sending the files through internet
  • For sharing them with your other users
  • To avoid corruption or virus infection
  • To share or send many files as one

All these tasks can be accomplished by a single tool known as Remo MORE. This tool has an intuitive user interface that makes the compression process very easy. Even a non-technical person can operate the tool very easily due to its descriptive and easy to understand steps. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System. It is capable of creating two kind of compressed files; .zip and .rzip. You can even provide a password to your zip file to avoid unauthorized access. If you feel that the file is still very large in size, even after compressing then also you need not worry. Remo MORE provides an option to split the compressed file in equal parts to match the storage capacity or the specifications of a particular email client.

To update new files in an already created zip or rzip file, or to extract the contents; you do not require any other software. Remo MORE has an option for that too. Within few simple mouse clicks you can easily compress, update or extract a zip file. There are also different types of encryption levels provided which ensure how powerful will be your password protected file, when someone tries to crack the password. You can set the encryption level while creating a new zip or rzip file.

Remo MORE is available for free of cost and all its functionalities are unique in their own field. Just download the software from the provided link and install it on your Windows XP system. The files can be added from any drive or any externally connected storage device by clicking on Browse option. It supports compression of any kind of file in zip and rzip format. To know how to compress Windows XP files, follow the steps given below.

How to compress Windows XP files?

(i) – From the main screen select "Manage" option.

Compress Windows XP File - Main Screen

(ii) – Now select "Compress & Burn" option.

Compress Windows XP File - Select Compress & Burn

(iii) – Then select "Zip"

Compress Windows XP File - Select Zip

(iv) – Select "Create New RZip file"

Compress Windows XP File - Select Create New RZip Files

(v) – Browse the location to save the file and add files.

Compress Windows XP File - Add Files

(vi) – Process completed message will be displayed.

Compress Windows XP File - Completed



Safe and Secure


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