How to Delete Contacts from Android?


Deleting Contacts from Android is such a painful process. Suppose you want to delete some Contacts on your phone, then you need to delete them one by one. There is no default option on your Android devices to delete multiple Contacts. You only have the option of removing all Android Contacts from the device. You can do it by following the simple procedure as given below,

  • Go to settings, tap on Applications and then select Manage Applications. Then tap on All option, select Contacts Storage and tap it to open. You will get many options, select Clear data option and all your Contacts on Android phone will be deleted

The above option can be used when you want to clear all Contacts. What if you have to delete only selected Contacts? You can’t keep on deleting each and every contacts one after the other manually. What can be done to delete Android Contacts in such cases? As it is mentioned before, there is no feature in-built on Android for deletion of multiple Contacts. You need to install Apps that can delete multiple Contacts at once on Android.

You may need to delete some Contacts due to duplicity problem. When you sync your social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc. then duplicate contacts of existing contacts will be created. It might also happen that you add number of same contact person twice with the same name. It simply eats up the memory on your Android device. The best solution for deleting Android Contacts is to install an application and use it.

If you are using an App for deleting Contacts and the application is on external device then do not forget to turn off sync. Otherwise when you connect to the device again, the deleted Contacts will show up and deletion process will go waste.

Coming to the choice of application for deletion of Android Contacts, there are number of Apps, but Remo MORE software is the best software that can be used.

Remo MORE software for deleting Android Contacts:

Remo MORE software helps you to delete Android Contacts easily. You can delete all Contacts from the Android device at a tap. You have lots of other options to be performed on your Contacts like, managing your Contacts by deleting duplicate contacts, backing up Contacts and so on. This software enables you to merge two Contacts with same name and it also helps you to detect names with same numbers. Lots of options are there on this utility for optimizing, recovering, manage and enhancing performance of Android device. This application comes with simple wizard. If you come up with any queries then the technical team is always there for your assistance. Try this App for free, now on your Android devices.

Procedure to delete Android Contacts:

Step 1 – Download and install Remo MORE App on your Android device. Run the App and click on “Manage” option to get the screen as shown in Fig 1. Then click on “Backup & Restore” option.

Delete Android Contacts - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2 – From next screen, select “Contacts” option as shown in Fig 2.

Delete Android Contacts - Backup & Restore Main Screen

Fig 2. Backup & Restore Main Screen

Step 3 – The next screen will appear as shown in Fig 3. Select “Delete All Contacts” option from the screen.

Delete Android Contacts - Contacts Main Screen

Fig 3. Contacts Main Screen

Step 4 – You will get the pop up screen as shown in Fig 4. click on “OK” to delete all Contacts.

Delete Android Contacts - Delete All Contacts

Fig 4. Delete All Contacts



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