How to Open AVI Files?

Are you unable to play AVI files on your system media player and wants to know how to open AVI files or how to play AVI files? If so, then there is nothing to be get worried because, you have reached to the right place in order to fix unplayable AVI files. Go through this page and get the best solution which will definitely help you how to open AVI files or to repair AVI files in just few mouse clicks.

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft that consists of a united file structure of video and audio data streams. This file format is widely used around the globe to record and play high definition videos. It is simple architecture that allows it to run on different system like Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX and it also supported by all majorly used browsers. But there is a dis-advantage with this file format and that is, it may get corrupt due to various reasons.


If you are the victim whose AVI file is corrupted because of which you are not been able to play or open AVI files, then you need to know how to open AVI files. In order to know how to play AVI files you must know how to repair it. So to repair AVI files, you can make use of an advanced tool called as Fix Damaged Software. This is a brilliant tool that can fix AVI files and also let you know how to open AVI files and also to fix corrupt mp4 files in a short span of time.

Few scenarios that can corrupt AVI files

  • Virus Infection: Virus is a common threat that enters into the system via many ways. But once after it enters into the system, it starts corrupting the files that may include .avi files.
  • Transfer Errors: While transferring AVI files from one system to another and vice versa, downloading files an interruption such as sudden system shutdown or abrupt removal of external drive may corrupt all this files which were under transfer process.
  • Use of Third Party Application: When you try to play or access AVI files by using some incompatible or low quality third party applications, your .avi files may get corrupted because of you won’t be able to access or play AVI files on your system Media player.

Header Corruption, Download Header, Frequently Upgrading an Application, codec issues, bad sectors, etc. are few more reasons that can corrupt the AVI files. So to overcome from all these scenarios you can make use of advanced fix damaged software that will very easily repair AVI files.

Salient features of fix damaged software

Fix damaged software is an excellent tool that is specially designed as an AVI file repair tool. This is an advanced tool that has many features that will help you to repair AVI files. This has been loaded with simple user friendly interface that guides you how to open AVI files or how to play AVI files in just a few steps. It has a strong repairing algorithm that will help you to fix unplayable AVI files. It facilitates you to fix unplayable AVI files on both Windows and Mac media players. Not only to fix unplayable AVI files, it also used to repair PST files, Zip archive, PSD files, DOCX files, MP4 files, etc. it has an ability to fix all video file formats.

Steps to know how to open AVI files:

Step1: Install the demo version of the software from the site. Run the software then browse and select your damaged or corrputed AVI files and click on “Repair” button.

How to Open AVI Files- Main Screen

Step2: It pop ups a window after the fixing process completes with a preview option. Click and preview the repaired AVI file.

How to Open AVI Files - Preview Screen

Step3: Buy the software online and enjoy watching the video once you save it on your system.

How to Open AVI Files - Save File Screen



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