Repair Damaged Outlook Express DBX File

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Outlook Express is the oldest mailing tool which is used fro mailing purpose. Outlook Express facilitates you to create more than one account. At one configuration of the Outlook user can create more than one profile. The attributes of mailbox are all stored in the DBX files, which whereas if you are a user of Outlook then .pst file is used to store the data. In Outlook Express each attributes are saved in separate files like inbox.dbx, contacts.dbx, drafts.dbx, etc. However, there is no security feature and for this reason DBX files can get corrupted. After the DBX file get corrupted then automatically the Outlook Express will stop responding & will show some unexpected errors.

Though, user can easily repair the DBX file after it gets corrupted but he / she must know the reason behind the occurrence. There are many actions which can result in rising of these circumstances of DBX file corruption. Actually, the corruption of file is very common scenarios to take place in other types of files like .avi files, .mov files, .mp3 files, etc. too. In order to especially fix avi files the AVI file repair tool can be utilized.

Likewise, if the PST file is corrupted which is used in the Outlook then also the problem will occur as Outlook is not going to respond properly. In case, if someone wishes to fix the damaged PST file then he / she can use the PST File Repair Tool. You can try out the link

Outlook Express has many advance features but still the items might go missing due to the corruption caused in the DBX file. If in case this DBX file gets corrupted subsequently there is only one way to make the Outlook Express work properly and that is to use the DBX File Repair Software. The software will take negligible time and will fix the DBX file. Eventually all the items which seems to be deleted or lost will be recovered back. Similar to Outlook Express DBX file, one can also obtain the software for fixing corrupt MP4 files through this link -

Assume a simple condition and you will come to know what will happen after this? In case you were using the DBX file to manipulate the emails in the Outlook Express. All of a sudden you found that there is a power surge and due to which the system got shut down abruptly. After the power supply got usual you restarted the system. As soon as you opened the Outlook Express to work on, you noticed an error message pop up on your screen. The message was showing that data is not accessible. You repeatedly opened and closed the Outlook Express but there was no change with the errors. Eventually, the emails which were there in the DBX file got deleted and lastly there was nothing left. For normal user this is like a nightmare come true. There are a number of such scenarios that results in the same but you have the option to repair DBX file Outlook Express. Have a glimpse on few of them.

  • Compressing the DBX file of Outlook Express to share over unsecure network results in file corruption
  • Oversized DBX file is yet another reason of DBX file corruption
  • Virus incursion in the folder where the DBX file is saved
  • Changing the extension of DBX file for different use or accidentally

These were very few of the reasons that cause corruption in the DBX file. You might fall in such category of users who face such scenarios while using Outlook Express. At this instance where the DBX file is corrupted severely the inbuilt tool is not going to work as it is capable to fix small errors only. Finally you have to opt for the DBX File Repair Tool.  The utility will facilitate you to fix the corrupted / damaged / broken DBX file of Outlook Express. In case if you face any problem, do contact our tech support team. To know the proper way or repairing Photoshop PSD documnet that is damaged due to various corruption scenarios, follow -

In case, in Outlook Express if, you face any kind of difficulty in Opening Outlook Data File due to various reasons then, you can make use of Outlook PST Repair Software to get your things done safely and quickly. You can even use this software to perform Outlook 2010 PST file damage repair process on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

You can also get rid of the corruption caused in the Zip file and that you can do easily. To repair ZIP files CRC failed errors you just have to use the Zip File Repair Software.

If you face a scenario in which your xvid video file is damaged then there is no need to get upset! Just relax! You can easily fix corrupt XVID videos on Windows as well Mac operating systems with the use of best XVID repair tool.

To repair the DBX file just follow the below mentioned steps

Step 1: To repair the DBX file, click the button to “Select .dbx file”.

Repair DBX File Outlook Express - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Later you will be asked to “Browse” the “Destination Path”.

Repair DBX File Outlook Express - Browse the File

Fig 2: Browse the File

Step 3: Then you can select the “Identity” or select the “.dbx file(s)” and press next. The File will be repaired.

Repair DBX File Outlook Express - Selection Screen

Fig 3: Selection Screen



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