Do you wish to repair your corrupted Zip file?

The .zip is actually a file extension which is used to compress the files and hold them in single format. User uses this file container format to hold more than one file or folders. ZIP files are effective i.e. because it compress the files using the best algorithms and keeps them in order. This file type consists of different encrypted files and can cause errors. Have you ever faced the situation of CRC error in .zip file or in any other files? If yes then don’t worry as fixing damaged files of any format is very easy task by using the File Repair Software.

Are you facing the corruption in Zip files and if yes then you will be very familiar with such types of errors:

  • “CRC Failed Error”
  • “Zip file cannot be accessed” a very common error
  • “Access Denied”
  • “Unrecognizable Format to open the file with this application”
  • “Application fails to read the .zip file”
  • “Invalid Path to Read the File”

Well the errors are different but they result is same and that is corruption in ZIP file. The errors are not rare to be witnessed by the users and people just fail to get rid of this problem due to lack of knowledge. Now, after getting greeted by these errors one thing is for sure and that is your Zip file got corrupted. Here is the question for the user after the error appears what will you do? The very simple answer to this question is to repair the files using the Zip File Repair Software that can even fix broken Zip file efficently.

Let’s concentrate on CRC error. Zip software actually use techniques to compress the files and for this they have certain algorithms. The very foremost thing in the algorithm is to add the parity checks bit. This bit is an extra added bit to the compressed and encrypted file. The concept of adding the bit is brought to keep the check on the completion of process (encryption and decryption). When this encryption and decryption is performed then one extra parity bit is added at that moment which keeps a check on each encryption and decryption process. Cyclic Redundancy Check is named as CRC.

In case if due to any reason this parity check bit or CRC bit gets corrupted or removed due to any reason then this will result in CRC error while accessing the Zip File. Hence, you only have one solution and that is to repair ZIP files CRC failed errors. This you can do by using the Zip file Repair Software. If you want to repair RAR files, here is the best way to go -

Alternatively, parity archive is also accompanied with the file and is known as PAR. This additionally added bit keeps the check on additional error occurrence. When the multiple files are compressed then this bit comes in action and indicates the error if occurs. Now let’s see the conducts which may result in corruption of ZIP files.

  • Changing the extension of the ZIP file
  • Creating the Zip of multiple or single files by using the inappropriate or pirated tool
  • Zipping the virus infected files using Zip tool
  • Extracting the Zip files / folders using pirated version tool

Now to rescue from these errors just you have to use the Zip File Repair Software.

You can also get the software to repair video files such as corrupted AVI files. There are many factors behind AVI file corruption but the all in one video repair software is enough to fix AVI file errors. If you want to know more about how to fix corrupt AVI on Mac, you can read here -  

If you are using latest version of Winzip then it compress the files and stores in Zipx format. If Zipx archive gets corrupted then you can use this software as it can also repair Zipx archive.

Follow these steps to repair ZIP after CRC failed:

Step 1: “Browse” the corrupted file from main screen which you wish to repair. Subsequently, just press “Repair” button.

Repair Zip Files CRC Failed Errors - Main Screen

Figure 1 Main Screen

Step 2:  Wait until the file gets repaired and as soon as the process will get complete you will be able to “Preview” the repaired file content.

Repair Zip Files CRC Failed Errors - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Repaired Zip Files

Step 3: Lastly you will be asked to “Save” the repaired files.

Repair Zip Files CRC Failed Errors - Save File Screen

Figure 3 Save Screen



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