How to Repair ZIPX Files?

In the fastest growing technology, you need to perform many tasks at a time on the computer system therefore, simultaneously you have to take care of the things which you are dealing with should not be time consuming. A file format is the important component as it is the standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file and also specifies how bits are used to encode information in a digital storage medium so as, the Zip.

 A Zip is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression and has influence on the overall system performance and is also used as a base file format by many programs under different names. A Zip file contains one or more files or folders that may have been compressed or archived to reduce the overall file size and supported by  all major Operating systems including Windows which has in-built support for Zip files whereas, The Zip file format allows a number of compression algorithms. Zip files generally use the file extensions “.zip” or “.ZIP”. Zipx files are nothing but the file extension of newer versions of Zip files. A Zip file (.Zipx) is created with one or more advanced compression methods available in WinZip. The .zipx extension makes it easier to share highly compressed files with others by clarifying that the file was created using an advanced compression method.

Zipping is a compression technique where more data can be stored in less memory space and almost compresses data to less than one third of original data. Sometimes if you collect huge data on the system and if there is no space on the hard drive then we can add folders to ZIPX archive. But sometimes ZIPX file on storage devices may get corrupted and you can Repair ZIPX File with the ZIPX Repair Tool. This tool also helps you to Fix Outlook 2013 PST File if it has been corrupted or damaged due to some reasons. To know more about PST repair tool, visit page.

Few cases where special attention is required to avoid ZIPX file corruption.

  • ZIPX file transfer interruption: ZIPX file when transferred from one drive to the other there are chances of the process getting halted like abrupt removal of external drive, power outage, etc.
  • Interruption While extraction: While extracting ZIPX file, if something goes wrong to terminate the process abruptly then ZIPX gets corrupted. Abrupt system shutdowns, sudden power failures are the causes for ZIP file corruption.
  • Error while downloading ZIPX archive: After downloading ZIPX file, you won’t be able to extract files in it due to improper or incomplete download over the internet. Sometimes some part of ZIPX file information will be missing.
  • ZIPX file header corruption: virus may infect ZIPX file where you can lose ZIPX archive access. Viruses mainly target header of .zipx file.

If you don’t have any other copy of the file or source file of zipped folders then you may think of a solution to get access to data in ZIPX file. In such situations you can Repair ZIPX file using “Repair ZIPX tool”.

 The Repair ZIPX utility scans the the infected ZIP archive to take out each file from it and makes a valid ZIP archive with the extracted files. Its powerful algorithms will repair all types of ZIP(32 bit,64 bit) and ZIPX archives and also repair corrupt ZIP archive of size more than 4GB. You can use this Repair tool for password protected ZIP files, damaged ZIP files due to CRC errors occurred during file transfer over a network. These errors corrupt the content of ZIP files making the data in it inaccessible where you can Fix Zipx file using Repair ZIPX   tool. This tool even used to fix ZIP exe file that is severely damaged due to corrupt registry entry, can easily repair broken ZIP file and recover files from the broken ZIP archive stored on any external storage media. The best part of the software is that during repair process original damaged file remains intact. This read only software only reads the data from the original file that may refuse to open and fixes zip header that gets damaged. The new file contains all the data in same manner as it was before corruption. This software enables you to preview data before saving it on the computer or any other storage device. Repair ZIPX software is one of the best ZIP archive repair tools that helps you to fix corrupt ZIPX files on Windows System. Fix ZIPX File on different drives of computer like USB flash drive, hard drive either internal or externally connected to the computer. This Utility Supports fix zipx file on Windows 7, Win XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

In case if any CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) Error occurred While accessing the Zipx file then you have one solution that is to repair Zipx files CRC failed Errors and which you can do by using Repair ZIPX File Software. If you want to repair RAR files then here is the best way to go - Click here to get the info about RAR Repair Software.

Following are the steps to Repair ZIPX file :

Step 1: Download and Install the free demo version of Repair ZIPX software. Browse the corrupted ZIPX files which you need to repair and click on “Repair”

Repair Zip Files CRC Failed Errors - Main Screen

Figure 1 Main Screen

Step 2: Once you click on “Repair”, the software starts repairing the selected Zipx Archive. Once the repairing process is completed, the repaired files content can be previewed.

Repair Zip Files CRC Failed Errors - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Repaired Zipx Files Content

Step 3: Now you can save the repaired file to any preferred location.

Repair Zip Files CRC Failed Errors - Save File Screen

Figure 3: Save Screen



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