Not able to play your AVI file?

AVI files are generally sound and motion picture files. For playing AVI files it needs special players that may be included in the web browser or you need to download and install them separately on your PC.



All enjoy watching movies isn’t it? There are many people who go crazy about watching a movie. Consider a scenario where your favorite movie had been released and your friend handed over you the only copy of that AVI movie file. You go so crazy that you insert the USB drive and start watching at the same instant. While you are busy watching the movie, your system shutdowns as an impact of power surge. When you restart your system and try to replay it you found that they are damaged which makes them unplayable. You start freaking by cursing the power failure. How will you handle this issue? What will you answer your friend you handed over the movie file to you? Don’t panic!! Take a deep breath and opt for Fix AVI which is the best tool to repair such AVI files. Go through this page and find out how amazing this tool works. Likewise there is a tool to repair DBX file Outlook Express once it gets corrupted.

Let’s discuss some AVI file Corruption causes

  • Codec Issues: Codec is the supporting program helpful in playing your audio and video files. Different codec support different video file and audio files. For playing your audio and video files on your media player, it should have the corresponding codec that supports it’s playing. In the same sense AVI files too need the supporting codec to be played. When these codec gets corrupt it makes the AVI file unplayable.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are damaged part of your storage device from where you cannot access the files which was saved on it before damage. This damage may corrupt the AVI files resided on the drive and cause your files to become inaccessible.
  • Improper Shutdown: You store large amount of files on your personal computers which includes AVI files. During deadlock state or system halt state you are forced to shut down your system. In case you were playing your AVI files when you shut down your system it may affect these AVI files and cause its damage.


Fix AVI repairs damaged AVI files no matter what has caused its corruption. Similarly, if you are not able to access Word files due to corruption then you can use word repair software.

Fix AVI is the best recommended software by industrial experts to repair damaged AVI files. Other than AVI files it supports fixing of corrupted DIVX and XVID which is one of the feature that adds to its advantage. This site provides additional software to repair damaged zip files.

Fix AVI tool is meant to repair corrupted AVI files on Windows and Mac installed computers. The damaged AVI file residing on hard drives, memory cards, USB drives can be fixed with the use of this software. You can refer fix damaged MOV page to repair your corrupted MOV files too.

Steps to Fix Corrupt AVI files:

Step1: Install the demo version of the software from the site. Run the software then browse and select your damaged AVI files and click on “Repair” button.

Fix Damaged AVI- Main Screen

Step2: It pop ups a window after the fixing process completes with a preview option. Click and preview the repaired AVI file.

Fix Damaged AVI files - Preview Screen

Step3: Buy the software online and enjoy watching the video once you save it on your system.

Repair Damaged AVI videos - Save File Screen



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