Solution to Fix Broken ZIP File

ZIP is the achieved file format, where one can save more number of files in a single container. The popular compression methods used by ZIP files are Deflated, Stored, Tokenizing, Imploded, Reduced, and others. The most commonly used compression technique is Deflate.

Significance of zipping the files:

  • Most of the users prefer to compress the files in ZIP format, because it will preserve more number of files in less memory space.
  • Transferring or downloading the large number of files it will be time consuming. Therefore, zipping assists you perform these operations easily

Therefore, archiving the files lessens disk space and stands for confidential data transferring by keeping password to ZIP file while creating them. However, certain situations compression of files may become reason for inaccessibility of files present in ZIP format. As there is possibility for broken ZIP files due to virus attack or logical faults on system. In case your essential ZIP file gets unreadable, then fix broken ZIP archive using any relevant ZIP file repair software.


The various reasons for broken ZIP file are as follows:

  • Interruptions or operating system malfunction while compressing the large size files might results in broken ZIP files
  • External threats like viruses / malwares replicate themselves in every system restart and make data present in system inaccessible including ZIP files
  • Unexpected system shutdown or low internet connection while downloading expensive ZIP files may leads to corruption
  • Reasons like header information corruption, CRC errors, unauthenticated tool used to extract files from ZIP format, etc may inclined to damaged ZIP files

When the ZIP archive gets broken, then you will fail to access compressed files present in it. The inaccessible ZIP file may display error warnings if you try to open it. If you fail to fix broken ZIP file using inbuilt option available, then make use of reliable applications like ZIP File Repair can repair broken ZIP files on Windows PC. If you even struggling to repair WinRAR file use the following link to fix RAR file

ZIP File Repair utility is used you to fix broken ZIP file due to any of the above mentioned scenarios. You can fix broken ZIP archive of .zip and .zipx file extensions using this renowned application. It can repair broken ZIP file and retrieves all its files of different formats without modifying its contents, as this wizard includes read-only feature. The tool successfully renovates severely corrupt or damaged WinZip archives present on any storage device. Furthermore, the software can fix broken ZIP archive of 4 GB or even more file size on Windows PC. Apart from ZIP files this tool can also be used to fix damaged Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003, etc.

 This utility can fix broken ZIP files on various versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. Adding to this you can download demo version of this program to gain practical experience in fixing inaccessible or unreadable ZIP files. In some scenarios, due to any of above mentioned scenarios your essential Word files may also gets corrrupt. In oder to fix damaged Word document click here.

Steps to fix broken ZIP file on Windows system:

Step1: Download the ZIP File Repair software and install it to your system. After launching the application, select the broken ZIP archive using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button to repair broken ZIP file as shown in Fig 1.

Fix Broken ZIP File  - Main Screen

Step2: This utility will start to scan the corrupted ZIP file. On completion of repair process the software displays list of files present in repaired ZIP file.

Fix Broken ZIP File - Preview Screen

Step3: • Finally click on “Save” button to store healthy ZIP file on your preferred location.

Fix Broken ZIP File - Save File Screen



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