Fix Corrupt Word 2010 Document

MS Office 2010 is a latest Word application used to by both normal and professional users for creating documents along with text, different font style and size, screen shots, images, visual effects etc. This application has been developed with additional and advanced features. But still there are chances that, it may get corrupt and become unreadable due to various reasons. Well, consider a scenario that, while transferring Word 2010 documents from your system to other storage device, if the transfer process gets interrupted because of some unusual issues, then it leads to corrupt Word 2010 document.

If Word documents gets corrupted, then you won’t be able to access or read it. Because, when you try to open corrupted Word document, you may face different type of error messages like “Word was unable to read the document. It may be corrupt”, “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”, “The document name or path is invalid”, etc. If you are not having backup of your Word 2010 documents and it is an essential and required one, then you need to fix corrupt Word 2010 document in order to regain access to it. But in order to effectively fix corrupt 2010 Word document, you need a best and highly advanced application like Fix damaged software. This software is specially built with unique and powerful programs that helps you to know how to fix corrupt Word 2010 document within a short span of time. Along with fixing corrupt Word 2010 document, it can also be used to fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file in an efficient way. But before knowing how to fix corrupt MS Word 2010 document, let’s have a look at its common corruption scenarios:

  • If a Word documents gets severely affected by some harmful external threats like virus or Trojans, then it may corrupt the file structure of it which makes the Word document inaccessible.
  • Frequent round tripping can cause severe damaged to your Word document. So, as a result of this you may encounter different types of errors when try to open a corrupt Word document.
  • When Word document is in use or active state, if your system gets sudden shutdown due to power surge, then your Word document may get corrupted and become unreadable.
  • Bad sector is an inaccessible or damaged storage space so, files stored on this storage space also becomes inaccessible which leads to huge loss of your valuable information.

Header file corruption, use of unreliable third party tools, damaged storage device, abrupt termination of Word application, errors while upgrading Word tool etc., are also the causes for Word document corruption. Anyhow, with the help of Fix Damaged Software you will get to know how to fix corrupt Word 2010 document within few easy steps.

Salient features of Fix Damaged Software

Fix Damaged is a highly rated and most recommended application used for fixing corrupt Word 2010 document. This utility has simple, quick and secure repair process which can easily repair corrupt or broken Word document files. This application has ability to repair and recover text, formatting, OLE objects, tables, etc., from corrupt Word document. It is read only program which doesn’t modify your original information while fixing corrupt Word 2010 document and also avoid further corruption of the files. This tool can be used by any user without any technical guidance to know how to fix corrupt Word 2010 document as it has easy to user interface. It supports MS Office 2000 and its above versions. Using this tool, corrupt Word 2010 document fix can be done on popular versions of Windows OS. It has ability to fix damaged DOCX and DOC files. Once done with fix process, you can preview fixed Word document before storing it on any desired location.

Steps to fix corrupt Word 2010 document:

Step 1: Download the application and install it on your PC. Run the software then browse and select the corrupt Word 2010 document by clicking the “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button.

Fix Corrupt Word 2010 Document - Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process completes it displays a window with a preview file option to preview the fixed Word 2010 document files.

Fix corrupted Word documents - Preview Screen

Step 3: Buy the software and save the fixed MS Word document on a secure location.

Fix Corrupt Word 2010 Document - Save File Screen



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