How to Fix Corrupt PowerPoint 2007 File?

“After completion of my work on PowerPoint file, I clicked on Red Cross mark present at upper right side in order to close it. But, it didn’t close and a warning message displayed saying “This program is not responding”. Instead of performing Windows shutdown operation to close the program as, it was not responding, I turned off my system inappropriately from the main switch. Upon restarting the system, to my surprise! I could see that the PowerPoint 2007 File on which I have worked upon is not opening and showing some errors indicating that PowerPoint 2007 file is corrupt. The presentation means a lot to me as, I have to send it to my client as soon as possible. Can anyone help regarding PowerPoint 2007 corrupted file fix process?”

Of Course! You can fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file using PPT Repair Software.

Being a computer user, you might be aware that, Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used software. It is a software suite containing a number of desktop applications for various purposes. You can make use of these applications in your day-to-day life. MS PowerPoint is one of them, which is the finest tool used for creating and designing high-class presentation files. You can use presentation for teaching or training purposes in educational sectors, corporate training session in businesses or large enterprises etc. A presentation file contains various pages known as slides as they appear in sliding form. A presentation file may contain numerous file objects, such as: text, graphics, sound, movies and other objects. These file objects make a presentation look more attractive and appealing. MS PowerPoint uses .ppt as file extension to save presentation files in PPT file. MS PowerPoint 2007 file is added with many new features which you can make use of. But, at times there are situations that lead to corruption of PowerPoint 2007 File. In such scenario i.e., when you are not able to access your PPTX file, you have to look for suitable backup. If you have forgotten to take backup of your PowerPoint 2007 file or if it is not updated then, you can make use of PPT Repair Software to know about how to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file within minutes. It also allow you to repair corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file within a couple of mintue. For more info, refer this link:

Scenarios lead to corruption of PowerPoint 2007 file:

  • If there are Bad sectors on hard drive where the PPT file is stored then, it may lead to corruption of 2007 PPTX files
  • Inappropriate system shutdown may also damage the PowerPoint 2007 file as well as other files present on your hard drive
  • While using or editing PowerPoint 2007 file, if there is a sudden computer crash then, it results in corruption of PowerPoint 2007 file

Most of the individuals have the ability to recreate the PowerPoint 2007 file again but, it is not an effective idea as, it is time consuming. If your PowerPoint 2007 file gets corrupt just before an urgent meeting or any other event then, recreating PowerPoint file idea won’t work and in this situation PPT Repair Software would be your right choice.

You can open corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file due to any of the situations mentioned above using PPT Repair Software. This software is an appropriate tool that can easily fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file. It is programmed with advanced algorithms, which carefully fix errors and irregularities within MS PowerPoint files and hence, makes the PPT file accessible again. It has the ability to repair all types of presentation file formats like .ppt, .pptx, and .pps files. It not only fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file but, also knows an appropriate answer to your question i.e., Can I fix damaged PowerPoint? It has a simple and interactive user interface by using which even a user with not much technical knowledge can perform corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file fixing process and in turn get access to corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file. This software not only fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file but, also support other versions such as, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2010. It is compatible to perform corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file fixing process on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Word file version of this Repair Tool also has the ability to repair Word DOCX file corrupted or damaged due to different reasons as well as other files within minutes. Make use of the demo version of the software in order to try for the greater chances of fixing corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file.

Steps to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software on your Windows computer and Run the software. From the main screen make use of “Browse” button to select the corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file that has to be repaired and then click on “Repair” button for fixing corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file.

How to Fix a Corrupted PowerPoint 2007 File?- Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, you can preview the fixed PowerPoint 2007 file using “Preview” option.

How to Fix a Corrupted PowerPoint 2007 File? - Preview Screen

Fig 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: Now, using “Save” option save the repaired PowerPoint 2007 file to your desired location on computer.

How to Fix a Corrupted PowerPoint 2007 File?- Save File Screen

Fig 3: Save Screen

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