DivX Repair

DivX is one of the video file format used now a day. This format is one of the offspring from Audio Video Interleave family(AVI). So repairing DivX video files is same as AVI file repair. Normally the DivX video format is not a regular raw video format which is generated by a video cam or camcorder. The DivX video files can be created as a result of any other descendant video files. These DivX video files have an extension called .divx. These kinds of video files have the ability to store large amount of Meta data. This can store multiple audio files and subtitle files inside a single video. Since the ratio of the codec’s compression is high there are several chances that the DivX video file is so sensible to defects. If the corrupted video is your beloved one then it’s the right time to learn DivX repair process.



There are several situations where the DivX video files may get corrupted either intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes it is possible to revert back these black mysteries by repairing the DivX videos using an eminent DivX repair tool. One of its kinds is provided here. There are several situations where the DivX video corruption is possible. Some of them are provided here.

File conversion:

In most of the time the DivX video file gets corrupted due to this reason. It depends on the software that the user is using and the codec and compression formats used by the software to convert them.

At the time of downloading:

While downloading large sized DivX video file from internet may get corrupted due to slow internet connection or a breakage in the internet flow.

Insupportable codec:

Some video players may not support DivX video format. If the user tries to force feed the DivX video in that player means it will result in the DivX file corruption.

Change in file extension:

At times user may change the DivX video file extension unknowingly. This will change the course of the DivX file and get corrupted.

The above mentioned situations are just samples of DivX video file corruption situations. The DivX repair tool mentioned here is capable of repairing all kinds of DivX formats like Xvid, AVI etc. this DivX repair tool is capable of repairing DivX video files of all sizes.

While talking about the powerful DivX repair features of this tool, a tiny mention about AVI repair will not be inappropriate because of the close relation between AVI and DivX as you already know. It is none other than solving AVI file index problem. You can easily fix broken AVI file index with the help of this tool within a few simple steps.

The tool will make duplicates of the corrupted DivX video files and after that the repair process is done that duplicate file. It will keep the source DivX video file safe and secure. It is also an effective tool to repair and open avi files. It is supportable by both Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover the repaired DivX video files can be previewed using an inbuilt player in the tool. It supports all DivX video files stored in any storage Medias such as pen drives, hard drives, memory cards etc. This tool can also be used to fix corrupt MOV files on Windows 8, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP, etc. It is the most used app to repair damaged QuickTime file on Mac OS X. For more details about damaged QuickTime file repair, you can visit the following link: http://www.fixdamaged.net/quicktime-file.html. The necessary steps that need to be followed while repairing the DivX video files are as follows.

  • Get the DivX repair software from the download link provided here.
  • After successful installation open the tool. The tool will ask for the corrupted DivX video source file.

  • Add the video file and hit on “Next” button. This will initiate the video repair process.

  • If the repairing process successful the user can preview the repaired video. Save the session and purchase the tool.
  • To complete the repair process extracts the repaired DivX video file to a new desired location.


Do not abort the repair process in the middle as it may damage the entire video permanently.




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