Repair damaged MOV

MOV files are referred as Apple Quick time movie format which was introduced as a first movie format for computers. This format is quite often found on web and to download and play on Windows personal computer it needs an extra component or it as to be converted into some other format. It acts as a container format which can contain animation, video, audio, 3D, text etc.

The main advantage of using these files is that it can be easily edited i.e. we don’t have to rewrite the data after editing. This file was originally used in Apple proprietary codec which played only on Macintosh system but later it advanced by adding codecs which supports to play on Windows operating system. One of the major features on this format is its time-based synchronization. Most of them download movies from the web which are majorly of .mov format. When these files are saved on the system they are affected by various means which cause its damage. These damaged files may end up being unplayable or playable but there exist errors in video and audio streams. What can you do with such files? To download it again from web it takes almost a day. The best solution you can think of is repairing the MOV file by opting for a Repair Tool. Fix MOV is the best tool that you can opt for in such scenarios to get an accurate result on repair. This software supports for both Windows and Mac users. If you are looking for a tool to repair damaged CS5 PSD file, then visit

Scenarios which lead to damage of MOV files:

  • Header Corruption: MOV files header play an important part as they store the information like date of last file modification, size of file, date when file was created and all the important data of that corresponding .mov file. The header of files may get corrupted when a system shutdown while playing your MOV video file or if gets interrupted when they are getting downloaded from the web. This MOV file header corruption makes the file inaccessible due to damage.
  • CRC Errors: While transferring your .mov files from one device to other if your system gets shutdown due to various reasons. When you restart your system and play the MOV file it throws an error “CRC file cannot be opened”. This error indicates that the MOV file is corrupt. This type of errors occurs when some unwanted bits are inserted in actual file or some bits are deleted.
  • Operating System Crash: Operating system is the vital component of a computer which manages all the activities of the system. File management is one of the functions of your OS. When OS gets corrupted the files on that system also corrupts as a result of this cause.

Fix MOV software is designed to fix the broken parts of your MOV file in an accurate manner and repair damaged MOV files in all possible scenarios.

Fix MOV performs an accurate repair process by separating its audio and video stream and fix them individually and adjoin them. It also repairs large MOV and MP4 files which refuse to play on QuickTime. AVI file repair is the special software designed to repair corrupt AVI files.

There are many additional utilities provided to repair different file formats. There is Word Repair tool to fix broken word files. MOV Repair Software also supports for repair of MOV files from various popular digital cameras like Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak and many more.It repairs damaged MOV files from hard drives,pen drive,memory cards and more. You can also repair corrupt zip file by using Zip Repair tool.

You can also use Fix damage PST tool to repair PST file after header corruption, oversized PST, upgradation error, Outlook registry key corruption. etc within in a fingertips.

Steps to repair damaged MOV file:

Step1: Download the Fix MOV software from the site and install it on your system. Launch the software by manually clicking on it. Browse and select the damaged MOV file and click on “Repair” button.

Fix Damaged Mov files- Main Screen

Step2: The repair process is performed and provides you with a new fixed file and a preview option. Preview the file to check its working.

Repair Damaged Mov videos- Preview Screen

Step3: Purchase the product and save the fixed file on a new location of your storage media

Fix Corrupted Mov - Save File Screen



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