Fix Outlook 2003 PST File

When I tried to open my Outlook 2003 PST file, I encountered with an error message “The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folders file” After this error I was not able to access my PST file. So, I used Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) but it could not fix this error. So if someone has an idea about how to fix Outlook 2003 PST file error then please help me as my PST file contains some important information which I don’t want to lose.

The above mentioned error will usually occur if the PST file has got corrupted, but you need to get worried about how to fix Outlook 2003 PST file. Because, now it is possible to fix Outlook 2003 PST file by using a standard and well know repair utility. PST file is database file which contains all the information about your Outlook profile such as emails, journals, calendar, events, contacts and all other Outlook attributes. The PST files created on Outlook 2003 are Unicode supported files and has maximum size of 20 GB. However, there are various reasons due which your Outlook 2003 PST file may get corrupt and displays various error messages like “The file xxxx.pst could not be found”, “xxxx.pst cannot be accessed” etc.

But as mentioned earlier, you can easily overcome from these errors and can fix Outlook 2003 PST file with the help of a well known utility called as Fix Damaged Software. It is the most recommended tool for fixing Outlook 2003 PST file and also to fix damaged PSD files, Word files, Zip files, PPT files etc.

Reasons behind Outlook 2003 PST file corruption

  • Oversized PST File: Outlook 2003 PST filer has its predefined size say up to 20 GB, and once it exceeds its maximum size limit, then there are chances that it may get corrupt and become inaccessible.

  • Virus Infection: Virus is major scenario that results in PST file corruption. So if the PST file of your Outlook 2003 is infected by some harmful viruses, then its file header will get damaged due to which you will not be able to access your PST file.

  • Improper Up gradation: While upgrading Outlook profile from its current version to higher version, if any interruption occurs or if you end up with some error messages, then it may leads to corrupt PST file.

Your Outlook 2003 PST file may get corrupt due to some more reasons like presence of bad sectors, improper termination of application and system while accessing PST file, use of unreliable third party tool to compress Outlook 2003 file, Outlook 2003 registry key corruption etc. In all these situations you can utilize fix damaged software as it is a best Outlook 2003 PST fix tool for fixing Outlook 2003 PST file. Apart from these features, it can also used to fix damaged QuickTime file. for more detail, Visit:

Key features of fix damaged software

Fix Damaged is an advanced and powerful tool which has been highly rated and recommended by industry experts to fix Outlook 2003 PST file. It has an ability to safely fix PST Outlook 2003 without altering the original file. This advanced tool also supports you to repair damaged MOV file, AVI file, MP4 file, RAR file etc. This Outlook 2003 PST fix tool is far more advanced than Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to fix PST Outlook 2003. Along with repairing Outlook 2003 PST file, it also recovers all lost or deleted emails, notes, contacts, calendars etc. It has an ability to fix PST file of Outlook 2003, 2000, 2007 and 2010. This advanced Outlook 2003 PST fix tool can also be employed to fix corrupt OST file. You will be provided two options for fixing Outlook 2003 PST file depending on the severity of file corruption. This Outlook 2003 PST fix has an ability to search and fix the corrupt or damaged PST file. It can also fix encrypted and large PST files. After the process of Outlook 2003 PST file fix, it enables you to Preview the fixed file before saving it back on desired location. With the help of this software, you can fix PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

Steps to know how to fix Outlook 2003 PST file:

Step1: First install the software on your computer and select “OPEN PST FILE” option from the Main Screen if you know the location of PST file else, select "FIND PST FILE" option as shown in Fig 1 to fix Outlook 2003 PST file.

Fix Outlook 2003 PST File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option and “Browse” the path where you want to save repaired PST file. Let the software to fix Outlook 2003 PST file by clicking on “Repair” button as shown in Fig 2.

Fix Outlook 2003 PST File - Select Scan Method Screen

Fig 2: Select Scan Method Screen

Step 3: Once the Outlook PST file repair process is completed, you can get the preview repaired PST file as shown in Fig 3.

Fix Outlook 2003 PST File - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview Screen



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