Repair Damaged PSD File

“One of my project folders got deleted by accident. I recovered it using a recovery tool but when I tried to open that file, it shows error message saying, "There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?" When I clicked Read Composite Data button, another box displayed that reads, "Could not open '[file name]' because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop." That is a very important file, please somebody help me. Is there any tool to fix damaged PSD file?”

Is this situation seems similar? If yes, then don’t worry as this article specially deals with this problem and will tell you the best way to perform damaged PSD file repair. Keep reading...

Why the above error was encountered?

When an unreliable third-party recovery utility is utilized to restore the deleted or lost PSD files or any other file, there are chances that the recovered files are corrupted. There is also a possibility that the recovery utility overwrites the deleted files and your chances of recovery are gone. So, always make use of a reliable recovery tool. Well, as the PSD file is corrupted, the damaged PSD file repair tool can be utilized to fix the problems. If the corrupted file is an important Word file, then visit

This tool can fix damaged PSD file under the following situations –

Faulty application – The PSD file might get damaged if there is a fault in the Adobe Photoshop application that corrupts all the files created or opened with it. The application might get corrupted due to improper usage or due to compatibility problem.

Sudden system shutdown – Suppose while you were working on some important .psd file, your system gets shut down suddenly. When it is restarted, you find that the file you were working on is not readable or does not open. It might give errors like “Unexpected end-of-file” when you try to access the corrupted PSD file.

Virus Infections – Virus also plays a major role in corrupting or damaging any type of files stored in the system. In order to avoid the damage caused due to virus, make use of a good quality anti-virus tool and scan your system frequently to avoid the infection.

Incomplete or improper download – If the PSD files are not downloaded completely from then also there is a chance that it doesn’t open. This might happen due to improperly uploaded file or termination in network connection while the file was downloading.

The tool mentioned here proves to be the best option to fix damaged PSD file that is corrupted due to any of the above mentioned reasons. The tool has a powerful repairing algorithm that helps to repair damaged PSD file within a short span of time. It is compatible with all the versions of Photoshop and is capable enough to repair Photoshop CS5 file without any difficulty. It also works perfectly on both Windows & Mac Operating Systems. The tool can repair Photoshop files with PSD & PDD extensions. To perform the repair, download the demo version and install it on your system. Check Here in order to fix damaged PowerPoint files. If you want to repair Word DOCX file then visit

You can also know about how to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file due to various reasons by using effective PPT Repair Software on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems without any difficulty.

Steps to perform damaged PSD file repair –

Step 1 – To repair damaged PSD file, browse for it and click “Repair”.

Fix Damaged PSD File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2 – The tool will then repair the selected file.

Fix Damaged PSD File - Repairing Process

Fig 2: Repairing Process

Step 3 – After that preview the repaired file.

Fix Damaged PSD File - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview Screen

Step 4 – Save it by purchasing the full version of the tool.

Fix Damaged PSD File - Save Screen

Fig 4: Save Screen



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