How to Fix Damaged QuickTime File?

QuickTime File is one of the most popular multimedia container file which is used to store one or more tracks. These tracks consist of some particular type of data such as audio files, memorable videos, documents and many more. Hierarchical data structure is used to maintain the objects of tracks commonly known as atom. QuickTime file also contain abstract data references for the media data like video file, audio files etc.

QuickTime is capable of importing the text file from one device to another. QuickTime file has advanced features but still it’s very prone to corruption. Sometime, when you try to play your important QuickTime file, system display an error message and your QuickTime file become inaccessible. If you are facing such kind of issues, while playing the QuickTime file, then here is the best option for fixing damaged QuickTime file by just few mouse clicks. Fix damaged software is the best tool which is widely used by experts as well as local users to fix damaged QuickTime video file. It has inbuilt advanced algorithm which helps to efficiently fix damaged QuickTime file with ease. Apart from this, you can also use this tool to fix corrupt MOV file on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and so on.

Some common reason for corruption of QuickTime File

  • Malware/Virus Attack: Once your system is infected by virus, then it may lead to the corruption of QuickTime file.
  • Improper Download of QuickTime Media Player: Sometime, in hurry you do not follow the proper step while downloading the QuickTime media player in your system. So, improper download of QuickTime player in your system may result in corruption of QuickTime file and it display error message like "File not supported" when you try to play it.
  • Interruption during QuickTime File Transfer: Any type of interruption while transferring QuickTime file from one system to another may result in corruption of QuickTime files.
  • File System Corruption: Mainly file system get corrupted due to virus attack. File system contain necessary information to play any type of file, once file system gets corrupted then it denied playing QuickTime file.

Apart from above mention symptoms, there are other factors too such as abruptly shutting down of system while playing the QuickTime file, header file corruption etc. which lead to the corruption of QuickTime files. If you encountered above mentioned scenarios, then make use of this efficient software to know how to fix damaged QuickTime files. Addition to this, you can also use this powerful tool to repair corrupt AVI file , MOV file and so on.

Sometimes, the index of your AVI file may get damaged due to various reasons like file downloading errors, use of unreliable media players, etc. But this software has the capability to fix broken AVI file index without making further damage to that file.

Key Features of Fix Damaged Software

  • This software is fully automated with advanced technology to perform quick scanning of damaged QuickTime file for locating and used for fixing damaged QuickTime file in an effective way.
  • It effectively works on both Windows as well as Mac Operating system for damaged QuickTime file fix.
  • Fix damaged software is capable to fix damaged QuickTime file recorded using any portable devices such as digital camcorder, digital cameras and so on.
  • It is one of the awards winning utility which effectively used to fix damaged QuickTime file and produce healthy QuickTime file without affecting the source code of original file.
  • It is used to fix damaged, corrupted and broken QuickTime file within a couple of minutes.
  • It is also used to fix corrupted QuickTime file stored on FAT and NTFS drives.
  • Using this utility, you can also repair MP4 video files on both Windows and Mac computers. For more info, visit:

Steps to know how to fix damaged QuickTime file:

Step1: Download and install the demo version of fix damaged software in your system. After that select your damaged QuickTime file and click on “Repair” button from the Home page of the software as shown in Figure 1.

Fix Damaged QuickTime File - Home Page

Figure 1. Home Page

Step2: After fixing damaged QuickTime file, you can use “Preview” option to check the overall performance of the fixed QuickTime file before saving as shown in Figure 2.

Fix Damaged QuickTime File - Preview Video

Figure 2. Preview Video

Step3: If you are satisfied with the preview of QuickTime file, then activate this software in your system and save QuickTime file on any storage media using “Save” option as shown in Figure 3.

Fix Damaged QuickTime File - Save Option

Figure 3. Save Option



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