How to Repair a Corrupted PST File of Microsoft Outlook 2007?

MS Outlook 2007 is one of the most used applications by the organizations to run their business successfully. As it is multitasking application with features like email, task manager, calendar, etc. It stores various data and information based on separate folder structure. It allows user to work and access emails even when you are not connected with internet. MS Outlook 2007 uses two file to store Outlook data those are PST file which stands for personal storage table and OST which stands for offline storage table. The main difference between these two files types that, PST files are being used for actual storage and OST file is for cached storage.

PST file is a vital component of Outlook 2007 which is stored in the Mailbox server as well as it can be stored in your local machine as back up. This file stores all emails, attachments, contacts and other Outlook attributes. PST file having 20GB capacity on Outlook 2007. PST file is prone to inaccessible in case of slight corruption or error due to any reason which leads to complete data loss stored inside PST file. Outlook data may contain very crucial data thus corruption of PST file will freak you out. To overcome from this problem, you need to opt a secure repairing tool name as Fix Damaged software which is most used and recommended by industry experts to repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2007 which can be used to fix Outlook 2003 PST File. It has powerful read-only algorithms which enable it to scan a large PST files to extract all data and create a new PST file. It follows smart automated recovery process which did not let you worry about how to repair a corrupted PST file outlook 2007.


Some common reasons due to which PST file may get corrupt:

  • Oversized PST File: PST file having capacity of 20GB in Microsoft Outlook 2007. When data stored in PST file tries to exceed this declared capacity, and then PST file gets corrupted easily and leads to data loss.
  • Abnormal Termination: While accessing PST files, abnormal termination of Outlook application may damage the PST file, as a result data stored in the PST file may get inaccessible.
  • File Header Corruption: File header contains Meta data about PST file which helps OS to access it. If file header of the PST file gets corrupted, then PST file might become inaccessible.
  • Upgrading Outlook: While upgrading Outlook app, if any interruption occurs then it may cause PST corruption. Also, when you try to open PST file in other version of Outlook program, then there you may encounter different error messages.
  • Other Reasons: Despite of above mentioned scenarios, there are more causes which may damage the PST file such as virus attack, abruptly shutting down of system, sharing same PST over network, etc.

Advanced features of Fix Damaged tool

Fix Damaged is one of the most used and trusted tool to repair corrupt PST file outlook 2007, which has efficient read-only algorithm which ensures there will not be even a minor modification while process to fix corrupt PST file outlook 2007. After fixing damaged PST file in Outlook 2007 it will retain with all Outlook data. It can recover deleted emails from inbox and delete folder in the Outlook. It provides real time view after repairing Outlook data in predefined folder structure. This utility can be used to fix PST files created on Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000. It easily fix corrupt Outlook 2007 PST oversized files and split them into small pieces of PST file which can be integrate if needed. Using this software, you can know how to fix PST file in Outlook 2016 within few mouse clicks.

Steps to repair damaged Outlook 2007 PST file using Fix Dameged software:

Step 1: Download and Install trail version of the software and Run the software. Choose any one of the three options from “Open PST File” if you know the exact file location, “Find PST File” to search for the corrupt or damaged PST file and “Select Outlook Profile” to open a particular Outlook PST file if you have multiple accounts to repair damaged Outlook 2007 PST file.

Repair Damaged PST File Outlook 2007- Main Screen

Fig1: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose the appropriate scanning method and then, Browse for the destination storage location and click “Repair” to perform Outlook 2007 PST file damaged repairing process.

Repairing Corrupted PST File Outlook 2007 - Select Scan Method Screen

Fig2: Select Scan Method Screen

Step 3: After finishing of the repair process, the software displays the repaired Outlook 2007 PST file along with its contents.

Preview Repaired PST File Outlook 2007 - Preview Screen

Fig3: Preview Screen



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