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As most of the people know Winrar file is used to compress the large amount of files to reduce the drive space. Winrar is the most popular tool to compress and decompress the RAR file format. Sometimes while compressing large amount of multimedia files, RAR file may get corrupted. Suppose you have compressed some multimedia files in Winrar file. But while extracting these files from RAR file it shows an error message that “file has corrupted”. Even though RAR file provide an inbuilt repair tool with Windows OS, but sometimes it may fail to repair corrupted files. If you have tried to repair with an inbuilt tool and fail to Winrar file repair then make use of this Fix Damaged Application to repair Winrar file. Along with the Winrar file this Winrar file repair software is capable to repair AVI files, MOV files, DOC, DOCX file, etc.

Sometimes when you are accessing RAR files or extracting files from RAR file format and user make some silly mistakes such as shutting down the Computer or unknowingly switching off the main plug, then it may affect the header of the RAR file and it gets corrupted. In such situation it’s not the big problem to overcome this scenario. Make use of this highly rated software to repair Winrar file.

Winrar file may gets corrupted due to following cases

Virus infection: Sometimes RAR file gets corrupted due to virus infection. Because virus is the self executing program which may change the structure of a file system and leads to inaccessibility of RAR file in turn data loss.

Round tripping: Sometimes you may change the RAR file format to make it accessible in another compressed file format. This is called round tripping. If you do this process for multiple times then it may cause the serious threat to consistency of RAR file and it may corrupt a RAR file.

While uploading or downloading: Sometimes when you compress files into RAR file format to send via mail, if the process gets interrupted while uploading or downloading due to power failure or network failure then there are chances of RAR file may gets corrupted.

Why to use this Winrar repair software?

Free demo version: The demo version of this Winrar file repair tool is available on the site. You can download it and can check the efficiency. After the satisfaction of this Winrar repair utility you can buy the product key.

24 / 7 supports: There is a highly trained technical team provided, which helps you to overcome any technical issue, 24 / 7.

Lead in the market: This Winrar file repair tool works on both Windows and Mac Operating System and repair your corrupted / damaged RAR file in quick time on your finger tips.

If you have faced any of the above stated scenarios and worrying to get back files from corrupted RAR file then throw away all these worries. You can easily recover files by using this Winrar repair software. With the help of this Winrar repair tool you can fix RAR file, Zip files on different versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, etc. To get more info click here This is an award winning Winrar repair application that is designed with special and unique algorithm under the highly experts software developer. It doesn’t alter the original content from the corrupted file, because it reads the file while recovering the Winrar file and copy the content to new healthy Winrar file.

How to perform the process to repair Winrar file?

Step1: Download and install the software.

Step2: Launch the tool and Browse corrupted Winrar file then select Repair option.

Winrar Repair - Browse Winrar File

Figure 1. Browse a Winrar file to repair

Step3: It scans the damaged Winrar file then you will get new screen. Here you need to select Preview File option.

Winrar Repair - Preview of Repaired Winrar File Contents

Figure 2. Preview of Repaired Winrar File

Step4: After purchasing this tool you can Save this file.

Winrar Repair - Save Repaired Winrar File

Figure 3. Save Repaired Winrar File



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