Repair Corrupt Documents

Microsoft Word is the most common word processor used in the current market. Due to its familiarity it became de facto standard for document files. It is the word file which has been the starting point for other document files such as PDF and HTML.

This tool is been helpful for the computer users to create resumes, articles, professional documents and many other valuable files of this sort. Majority of the professional organizations use Microsoft Word application to create their office documents. The word files created using this application can be easily edited, copied to any device instantly, spell checked and corrected for the mistakes automatically. That is why lot of people has started using this software for the sake of creating documents with ease. However, like all other file formats these files get corrupted and you lose your files. Repair Word software helps you out to repair corrupt word documents effectively. Also you can repair ZIP files CRC failed errors very easily by using the Zip Repair Software.

Word files corruption reasons:

  • Macro Viruses: These are computer virus which infects the Microsoft Word files and cause sequence of operation to be performed when the applications is triggered. They affect by inserting clip arts at certain points when you write a line in the file. This causes the word files to get corrupted and damage its content. These viruses are basically spread through emails. These macro viruses also corrupts Outlook PST files including Word files. Don't Worry, as there is an effective PST Repair Tool to fix Outlook 2013 PST File within a short period of time to get back all the Outlook attributes. Apart from repairing Outlook 2013 PST file, with the help of outlook PST repair software Opening Outlook Data File due to various reasons also becomes easy.
  • Round Tripping: There exist times were you are forced to convert word documents to other document file formats for example take it as PDF in order to perform some task and then back to word document files. During the conversion there are possibilities that the content of the document files may get corrupted and leads the file to inaccessible state.
  • Power Surge: More often there exist power failures in many regions. Sometimes while you are busy performing some important task on your personal computer a sudden power surge causes a system shutdown which triggers your file system causes the word files in to get corrupted.
  • Archiving Word file: Archiving is a process where you convert word files of large file size into smaller size to make it convenient to send as an attachment to others through emails. If the archiving process is not carried out in a proper manner it may result in severe data loss from your word files.

Repair Word tool is more safe and secure to use since its read-only software which repair corrupt word files in all scenarios of data corruption. To repair corrupt zip file you can try out software called Repair Zip. Repair Word software is capable of fixing all damaged .doc and .docx files. If you are a Windows or Mac user you can easily download the use this software as it designed for both of these operating systems. You can also make use of this software to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file due to different reasons with ease.

This tool provides a preview of your fixed file before you restore them back to your system. In addition, if you are looking to fix corrupt AVI files you can make use of Fix AVI tool. Repair Word utility is equipped with inbuilt algorithm which is capable of identifying the root cause of the damage and fix them effectively. There is also tool provided to repair damaged MOV files.

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Steps to repair damaged word files:

Step1: Download the application and install it on your PC. Run the software then browse and select the damaged doc file by clicking the “Browse” option and click on “Repair” button.

Fix Damaged Word files- Main Screen

Step2: Once the repair process completes it displays a window with a preview file option preview the fixed word file.

Fix corrupted Word documents - Preview Screen

Step3: Buy the software and save the fixed MS Word file on a secure location.

Fix Damaged doc files - Save File Screen



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