Fix corrupt Zip archive

Zipping is a file management technique for packaging multiple files into single bundle. It acts as a container to hold the real files in it. The main purpose of this zip files is to make transportation and storage easy. The file size can be reduced to 90% less than its original size. It has a well-defined file structure which is highly sensitive to corruptions.

For zipping or say compressing a set of files you commonly need a third party tools such as WinZip, WinRAR etc. The files compressed can be used only when they are unzipped using the same tools. Due to its high sensitivity for data corruption these files should be handled in efficient way. But most of the times with all our effort to maintain them, they get corrupted. When you try to open a zip file it throws an error which says

“Cannot open file: it does not appear a valid archive”


This message gives you clear indication that the zip file is damaged / corrupt. This makes a huge impact since it’s not the matter of single file but a group of files compressed in the zip which becomes inaccessible as a result of zip file corruption. However, the only choice to get them fixed can be achieved using a repair tool. Repair Zip is one such tool which provides you with complete satisfaction by repairing your damaged zip files. This tool is used to repair corrupted PPTX file. To know more how to fix damaged PPTX file, do visit this page:

Some of the scenarios of Zip archive corruption:

  • Incomplete Download: Zip archive is mainly used to transfer a set of files from one computer to other over the network. When you download a zip attachment from your mail or from various sites there can be interruption in the process due to slow network connections or sudden shutdown. Such files gets damaged and throws an error message “Cannot open C:\” when you open them.
  • Virus Attack: This is the most common cause of zip file corruption. Zip archives more often make use the network for transfer. In such cases, the malware infects the files used in the network and cause data corruption.
  • Storage Media corruption: The storage media may degrade over time by its constant use. This in turn causes the damage of .zip files stored on that corresponding device. In such cases of storage device corruption you result in a loss of huge amount of data due to damage.

Other than the above mentioned reasons zip archive may get damaged due to CRC errors and transfer errors. Repair Zip software will fix corrupt Zip archives in all possible data corruption scenarios.

Repair Zip tool performs high accuracy in repairing your damaged zip archives. It has an ability to fix zip files of any size. If you have a damaged AVI file in hand you can make use of Fix AVI tool provided on the same site. The main advantage of using Repair Zip utility is its read-only nature which repairs you original .zip files keeping them intact and saving the fixed zip as a new file. You can even repair broken Zip file using this software.

Additionally, you can repair broken word files using Repair Word tool. After Repair Zip software finish performing the repair process it enables you to preview the content of fixed file. This software in capable of repairing any type zip and zipx files. You can also try out Fix Damaged MOV utility in case of MOV file corruption.

MS Outlook has become important part of business organization as comunication is done by this mail system only. But sometimes you may come across situation where PST files becomes damaged. In such case you can use Fix damaged PST tool to fix the issue. Go to for more details.

Procedure to Repair damaged Zip archive:

Step1: Download Repair Zip tool from the site and perform installation process on your system. On launching the software it pops the first window where you have to browse and select your damaged zip file. Browse and select Zip file and click on “Repair” option

Fix Damaged Zip - Main Screen

Step2: The software performs the repair process and displays a window with a preview option. Preview your zip archive by clicking on it.

Repair Damaged Zip Archive - Preview Screen

Step3: If you are satisfied with the result purchase the product and save the fixed file on a secure location.

Fixing Damaged Zip files - Save File Screen



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